dArt #2 Spring 1998

Featured on the cover of the Spring 1998 edition of dArt is Simon New in a photo taken dad Bob in Los Angeles. Simon represented the coming new millennium, though premature by a year or so.

After twenty-two years it might be a good time to review something I had written into the masthead back then: “This spring issue constitutes the firing of the second of dART. A burgeoning masthead has left me with a lot less to say. In the premier issue I referred to a project called Meditations on Space, crediting it for conceptually making it possible the present publishing enterprise.” What followed rested on the foundation of that particular book work.

The Cultural Surrogates of Laurie Simmons by Corinna Ghaznavi

More Shifts in the LA Gallery Landscape by Michael Darling

Los Angeles Exhibitions Report by Steve Rockwell

New York Exhibitions Report by Steve Rockwell

Beverly Buchanan: Shacks and Legends, 1985-2011
Opening at Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York, curated by Aurélie Bernard Wortsman https://www.edlingallery.com
March 20 – May 1, 2021

An excerpt from the gallery press release: “A storyteller, Buchanan often attached to her sculptures handwritten or typed narratives, which she referred to as “legends,” that gave voice to a cast of characters, some remembered and others imagined. Sometimes she stapled them to the underside of a piece. In one of her favorite works, Orangeburg County Family House, 1993, Buchanan wrote in Sharpie on the outer sides of the structure the names of families from her hometown which she took from her high school yearbook and a calendar from her local church.”

Toronto Exhibitions Report by Steve Rockwell