Picking Cherries in Miami

Top Ten at the Miami Art Fairs

by Gae Savannah

Pulse art fair
Amanda Marchand

1.  Amanda Marchand
Traywick Contemporary  PULSE
Photography newly reckoned as essence.
Intangible tangible

Marisabela Telleria

2.  Marisabela Telleria
Galeria Isabela Aninat Untitled
Inquiry into absence spawns inscrutable presence.

art Miami fairs
Mariela Scafati

3.  Mariela Scafati
Galeria Isla Flotante  Art Basel
Throwing space in flux, a standout room
of canted canvases 
calls out staid art.

art Miami fairs
Noah Loesberg: resin sculptures

4. Noah Loesberg
Robert Henry Contemporary  PULSE
Industrial to aesthetic, a structurology of production.

art Miami fairs
Chip Hughes

5.  Chip Hughes  Kerry Schuss   NADA
Redolent of material sensation, paint speaks
an uncanny language of fabric.

art Miami fairs
Kim Young Hun

6. Kim Young Hun
Paik Hae Young Gallery Art Miami
Between analog and digital, striated taffy waves
peak and fade.

art fairs Miami
Yann Gerstberger

7.  Yann Gerstberger
OMR  Art Basel Miami Beach
Weaving dimensions of physical and incorporeal space,
escort-birds and spirits frolic.

art fairs Miami
Dirk Salz

8.  Dirk Salz
Jörg Heitsch Galerie   Context
Through resin, gossamer layers gleam.

art fairs Miami
Ben Goddard

9.  Ben Goddard
ArtHelix  Aqua
A window into the glazed oblivion-house of America.

art fairs Miami NADA
John McAllister

10. John McAllister
James Fuentes   NADA
Rhapsodic hue.  Inner euphoria of nature and home.