Top 10 – Art fairs New York 2023

by Graciela Cassel

1. Bice Lazzari: Stacatto in a Blue Musical Forest. “Untitled” Richard Saltoun Gallery at Independent Art Fair 2023

2. Mary Watt: Sky-water dives into a deep river and walks into the forest, searching for light. “Shared Horizon ( Keepers of the Western Door), Marc Strauss Gallery at Armory 2023

3. Lakela Brown: Ancient gold piercing our history and our heritage. “ Composition #2 with Doorknocker Earrings, 56 Henry at Armory 2023

4. Stuart Lantry: Ferris wheel riding with gifts facing a dangerous reality. “Asleep at the reinvented wheel”, Spring Break 2023

5. Ed Baynard with a lineup of our daily treasures – “Bowl painting” , James Fuentes at Independent Art Fair 2023

6. Allan Wexler: Coffee seeks its own level. Jane Lombard Gallery at Independent Art Fair 2023

7. Pepe Mar: Face Off (Philodendron), 2023, mixed media and acrylic on museum board, 24 x 20 inches, David Castillo at Armory 2023

8. Gregg Woolard: Ancient call for energy and synergy in orange metaphors. “Valley of Kings”, Max Fish at Spring Break 2023

9. Jennifer Bartlet: Irresistible, jammed packed, luxuriant dots. “Addenda”, Locks Gallery@ Armory 2023

10. Kai Schiemenz: a green forest climbing into the sky. Kantia Unexpected, Eigen+ Art Gallery at Armory 2023